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By Andrew Lawson

By way of reconsidering Whitman no longer because the proletarian voice of yank variety yet as a traditionally particular poet with roots within the antebellum decrease heart type, Andrew Lawson in Walt Whitman and the category fight defines the tensions and ambiguities approximately tradition, category, and politics that underlie his poetry.Drawing on a wealth of basic assets from around the variety of antebellum print tradition, Lawson makes use of shut readings of Leaves of Grass to bare Whitman as an artisan and an autodidact ambivalently balanced among his feel of the injustice of sophistication privilege and his wish for contrast. Consciously drawing upon the languages of either the elite tradition above him and the vernacular tradition less than him, Whitman built a type of heart linguistic sign up that tried to filter out those conflicting strata and defuse their tensions: “You shall now not glance through my eyes both, nor take issues from me, / You shall hearken to both sides and clear out them from yourself.” via exploring Whitman's inner fight with the contradictions and tensions of his type identification, Lawson locates the resource of his poetic innovation. by way of revealing a class-conscious and conflicted Whitman, he realigns our realizing of the poet's political identification and certain use of language and therefore valuably alters our point of view on his poetry.

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